Obamacare Tax – #Americansabroad are more likely to pay for Homelander Health Care than are Homelanders!

Obamacare taxes fall into three categories: 1. The penalty for NOT purchasing health insurance. U.S. citizens abroad are NOT subject to this fine. The theory is that they have health insurance in their country of residence. 2. The penalty imposed on U.S. citizens abroad for NOT filing required “Information Returns” confirming they have health coverage […]

The hidden tax of “Married filing separately”

The reality of life … U.S. taxpayers can choose  (depending on their circumstances) among different “filing categories”. For “Americans abroad” who are married (which well be determined by local law) will choose between “married filing separately” and “married filing jointly”. That’s great in theory, but a U.S. citizen living outside the U.S. who is married […]

“Married filing separately” – The hidden tax on #Americansabroad who marry a non-U.S. citizen

“Married filing separately” – The hidden tax on #Americansabroad who marry a non-U.S. citizen http://t.co/N96xgrfafJ — US Taxation Abroad (@TaxationAbroad) December 9, 2014   Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse … Thoughts on the "married filing separately" filing category http://t.co/NXzuPu0CeT – One more penalty on #Americansabroad with alien spouse — US Taxation Abroad (@TaxationAbroad) […]

2013 U.S. Tax Change Review from @ThunFinancial

2013 U.S. tax change seminar from @ThunFinancial – Includes #Obamacare tax and married filing separately http://t.co/q4ntFJ8Zb2 — US Taxation Abroad (@TaxationAbroad) January 21, 2014   Of particular interest in this seminar are: 1. Discussion of the 3.8% Obamacare investment tax – likely not creditable 2. Punishment for using “married filing separately” category. The lower thresholds […]